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Barry Gifford

The Phantom Father (2011, 90 min.)
Screenplay by Barry Gifford & Lucian Georgescu
Directed by Lucian Georgescu
American professor Robert Traum embarks on an adventurous, amusing, sometimes dangerous and often surreal journey through Bucovina to find Sami the projectionist, the only person alive that can tell him anything about his Romanian Jewish descent.

Read more about The Phantom Father at http://thephantomfather.com/

City of Ghosts (2002, 97 min.)
Screenplay by Barry Gifford & Matt Dillon.
Directed by Matt Dillon. MGM/United Artists.
Written by Barry Gifford and director, Matt Dillon. Filmed in Cambodia and Thailand. Starring James Caan, Matt Dillon, Gerard Depardieu, Stellan Skarsgard, and Natascha Mcelhone.

Read more about City of Ghosts at IMDB (The Internet Movie Database.)

Ball Lightning (2002, 30 min.)
Written by Barry Gifford.
Directed by Amy Glazer.
Featuring a cameo performance by Barry Gifford.

Click here to watch Ball Lightning on BarryGifford.com

Il Carnevale (2002, 12 min.)
Written by Barry Gifford & Ray Gatchalian.
Directed by Barry Gifford.
Filmed on location in Venice, Italy.

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Barry Gifford: Wild at Heart in New Orleans (1999, 80 min.)
Documentary about the life and work of Barry Gifford. Available from Movie Movie, Bologna, Italy (e-mail: movieita@tin.it)

Bordertown: A Journey with Barry Gifford (1999, 45 min.)
Directed by Georges Luneau (Nestor Productions, Paris, France)
A documentary featuring Barry Gifford on location along the US-Mexico Border, discussing and performing his writings.

Click here to watch Bordertown on BarryGifford.com

    For further information contact: GLuneau@aol.com.

Perdita Durango (1998, 121 min.)
[titled Dance With The Devil on U.S.A. video release]
Screenplay by Barry Gifford and Alex de la Iglesia.
Directed by Alex de la Iglesia.
Based on Gifford's novel, Perdita Durango.

Lost Highway (1997, 135 min.)
Screenplay by Barry Gifford & David Lynch.
Directed by David Lynch.
Screenplay available from Faber and Faber.

Hotel Room (1993)
Written by Barry Gifford, based on his plays, Hotel Room Trilogy.
Directed by David Lynch.

Wild At Heart (1990, 124 min.)
Directed by David Lynch.
Based on the Novel, Wild at Heart by Barry Gifford. Winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film Festival.

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