The Cavalry Charges: Writings on Books, Film and Music

The Cavalry Charges

The Cavalry Charges, the latest collection of writing by Gifford, is part memoir, part literary criticism, and spiked with rumination on life and experience. Relating many of the key experiences that shaped him as a writer, Gifford includes: A nine-part dossier on the 1961 film One-Eyed Jacks in which Gifford examines

the public and private lives of those involved in the film, ultimately producing an innovative framework for thinking about the movie, unique profiles of Artie Shaw, William Burroughs, Val Newton, and B. Traven; an essay about the writing and making of Gifford’s operatic transcription of Lost Highway, entitled Madrugada, as well as the full libretto to the opera; a recounting of his work with Matt Dillon on Dillon’s film City of Ghosts; and much more. Also included is a compendium, entitled “Read ’em and Weep,” of the books that have been most influential for Gifford as a writer, including many are lesser-known titles that will surely provide hours of additional reading for Gifford’s fans.

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